Thursday, December 17, 2009


Pretty accurate..

Beer: She's a low maintenance woman who will watch the Lakers game with you and prefers a dive bar to a club. If she does keg stands, thought, you may have a problem.

Tequila shot: This girl is a good time. But maybe too-good of a time, and you should wonder who she was taking shots with last night, before diving in commando-style…

Vodka cranberry: This girl is fun but classy. She likes to party but also leaves a little to the imagination. Cleavage is fine but no up-skirt ass shots, and chances are she's wearing underwear. If she has this drink without the vodka, she may have a UTI…!

Champange: She's a classy lassie but probably a gold differ. She think she deserves St. Tropez even though she is at Maloney's...

Whisky: This is just weird, and I would be very careful with this wild animal. No woman should drink the same thing that grandpas and ship captains drink.

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