Saturday, December 5, 2009


After seeing this game winning shot against the Heat last night, I honestly believe that Kobe Bryant is THE best player of his generation... hands down. Chamberlin had his era, Jordan had his, and now Kobe proves time and time again, he is more than deserving to be in the same category as the greats.

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  1. Great finish! First like this in a while.

    So, I was busy and set the game to record on my dvr. To make sure I got it all, I set the show after it to record also. The next day, I sat down to watch it and was very into it at the end. Just before the last play, my recording ends!!!!!!!! I had to go online to and find out that Kobe won it with that shot.

    THE IRONY!!!!!!

    Anyway, yeah, great shot!

    Kobe's amazing, no doubt. If only he had an ounce of humility to go with his pound of talent.