Friday, June 12, 2009

Hellz Bellz: "Don't Waste The Pretty"

So my good friend Kat had me take a look at this post by Hellz on their blog. On the real, I couldn't have said it any better. I really love their blogs as well as M.O.B.'s. They often have really good reads that make you think about life. This read is and can be seen from a girls perspective, but can be applied to anyone in general.

"My current struggle with LIFE got me in a blogging rut, so ima hit u all with a lil something written by my Hayati, Abi. one of my closest girlfriends and about thee only bitch i know thats always on the same wavelength as i am. seriously, we share the same brain or something.. i promise i’ll be back after these messages………..

I ain’t even gonna front. I can be as shallow as a kiddie pool at times. U ain’t gotta lie to kick it - looks DO matter. And anyone who begs to differ is either ugly or sellin u some VIP ass wolf tickets.

Fellas, when u see a female sittin at the bar, what possesses u to come outta pocket and buy her a chilled shot of Goose? (Asides from the perv in u hoping she gets tipsy enough to rub her ass all over ur crotch?). And ladies, why’d u just give ur number out to a complete stranger in the middle of the Prive dancefloor knowin damn well u ain’t never gonna see him again? Whatever the reason is, I got 5 on it that it wasn’t ‘cuz of their “beautiful inner personality” shining thru his buff ass arms or creepin through her cleavage. People DON’T PLAY.

Whatever ur preference or definition of “beauty” is: looks still matter. However, they will only get u so far (At least with me anyway). A person’s physical appearance is what initially attracts me to them, but it definitely isn’t what makes me stay.
While a certain “je ne sais quoi” can contribute to one’s appeal, their personality, or rather lack there of, can take away from it as well.

I may notice an “ok” looking dude sit next to me in english lit. but never think anything of him until I look over in the middle of class and notice him sketching out an ill ass portrait of Angelina Jolie. And if there’s ONE characteristic that makes me and my girls’ heart melt and panties drop - it’s humor. It ain’t everything, but it really does go a looong way. If a man is constantly putting a smile on my face I’ll probably be too busy laughing to notice he’s not as tall as I usually like ‘em or has slightly crooked teeth (aye I said SLIGHTLY only lol).

On the other hand, “the prettiest people do the ugliest things.” I know way too many men who are a waste of dick because they’re too into themselves, obnoxious, or plain and simply boring. And no matter how beautiful u are, no real man will take u seriously if ur a female who always sells urself short or can’t carry on a conversation for longer than 5 minutes.
But most of all, being beautiful has NO guarantees.

It doesn’t guarantee love, or happiness, or success, or prosperity. It doesn’t guarantee u’ll never get hurt, or left, or abused, or cheated on. No matter how beautiful u are, there will always be someone just as good looking if not better. And u already know ur exes new man/lady can’t hold a candle to ur Colgate smile, but s/he’s still with them and not u, so in many circumstances looks are irrelevant. Besides, other people can think the world of u, but if u ain’t got the right mind set to genuinely agree with them it doesn’t matter. So u may wanna hold off before asking God to trade in ur intelligence or talent for an ass u can sit ur cup on or washboard abs.

‘Cuz newsflash: people get old … in more ways than one. So trust me when I say that it ain’t gonna be ur sagging Amazon titties or ur NeYo receding hairline that keeps u living comfortably and happily married."

Like I said, I couldn't have said it any better, but my additional take on it is that I really can't stand how some girls seem to only give guys that look like they came straight out of a freakin' Guys Nylon or GQ magazine a chance to talk to them and get to know them. Especially in those top 40 clubs, it's annoying. Not diggin' that whole scene, and it's pointless for guys that don't meet that "look" standard to try to pick up on a girl in those places, but that's another conversation. Yes, it's true how looks do matter to a certain extent, but some girls just need to take the blinders off their eyes and start seeing deeper than that. Guys like that are usually going to A) Be full of themselves.. or B) Gonna cheat on you. However, the same applies to guys, so we can't be hypocritical, so we're just as guity. But I guess it's true what they say, "Nice guys finish last", but hey, at least we finish. But as long as your true to yourself fellas, you'll find a girl that loves you for you, and don't need to do, or act like some fake ass shit. Just be you, because that's all you can or should be...


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