Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vestax Spin MIDI Controller

So i'll say without hesitation that nothing beats 2 turntables and a mixer hands down. But recently MIDI controllers have been making there way into the dj market. Why? Because they're small, easy to take on the go, relatively mediocre in price, and they're and all in one kind of package. MIDI stands for MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). So with todays Serato popularity recently with mobile and club dj's, Vestax has been coming out with some of the illest MIDI controllers (The Vestax VCI-300 to be specific), and they've now collabo'd with Apple. Yup, they're coming out with the Vestax 'Spin' which has dedicated Apple software for dj'ing. The system features almost everything the Vestax VCI-300 has, but here's the best part.. the VCI-300 costs around $850. Spin will only cost you $250. From what i've seen so far, your totally getting your money's worth. It has a built in soundcard and mic input, so you can plug directly into the controller. I'm thinking about getting one so I can mix in the car on long Vegas or SF roadtrips to pass the time, but we'll see. All in all, i'd rather take the VCI-300 for sure, but at that price, i'd have to think twice. Anyway, check out some of the pics..

Vestax VCI-300

Pretty much the same eh?

Not much bigger than a MacBook Pro, so it's a little smaller. But most of the features are still the same.

Read the full review on Scratchworx here:

Vestax Spin

Vestax VCI-300

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  1. As I mention in my blog post about Serato, I'm quite late-coming reacting to newer turntable technology. But, I am really excited about all the new technology exploding in this arena. Where do you spin? Do you have Serato?

    Anyway, thanks for the post, it's informative & those pics show how pretty those new pieces are. I'm REALLY glad to hear Apple's gettin into it straight up.


    - Want