Sunday, December 5, 2010


I have a strong love for cars and have had it since I was a little kid. After going to yesterdays event, All I say is DAMN, I had nothing but FUN. Although I was dead tired from deejaying a crazy night at Club Visionz, coming home at 4:30 am, waking up at 6:00 am to fix my car for the show, I spent the whole day at Irwindale Speedway and it was worth it. My ride was entered in the Motor Mavens Mass Appeal Car show, so I had to make sure she was on point! Here's some cars that caught my eye throughout the day (if you see a lot of bimmers.. sorry, I'm buyist haha). Check it out!

Sick Z33, suuuuuper clean.
This STi had some dope ass Volk TE37 Super Laps, drool status! Fitment was on point!
Okay, I was seriously all over this E39 yesterday. I'm gonna be fixing up my E39 soon, so i'm taking it as a sign. If you see me in a ride that looks like this soon, you'll know why.
CCW LM 20s... OMG
Check out how dumped this thing is.. REDICULOUS!!!
Here's a clean ass S14, Mmmmm
As with most things.. things should look just as good from behind
Matt Power's S14. I can't get over this super sick paint scheme. He took 4th today, good job Matt!
Another car I was all over yesterday. This E36 must have had my attention for at least an hour!
Gotta love the license plate.. "95 M3"
This dude was rocking 17" x 9.5"s all around... with -1 OFFSET! FACK!! BBS's are nothing but WIN.
Proof that form and function can mix...
Crazy camber! Gotta love the sun visor haha!
I'm not really much for Honda's, but I had to admit that this CR-Z was fucking ill!
A view from the grand stands during the practice session
Justin Pawlak's FC. I really wish he could compete with this this again as opposed to the mustang. I love seeing this car on the track!! And it sounds, just as good as it looks! Rotary Power yo.
Edgar Ferman's award winning Z32. He has literally, THE BEST 300ZX i've ever seen ANYWHERE.
Groupie shot.
Here she is. My beloved BMW E36
Gotta rep for Motor Mavens. Antonio Alvendia is a super cool dude. Thx for having me at the show mang!
Loved this shot. ;)
And this is how my night ended =P I was surprised that I actually won an award. With all the super sick cars that were in attendance, I was honored to be recognized by Motor Mavens. Thanks guys!! Can't wait till the next show!!

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